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Oure is a multi-disciplinary design brand based in Sydney, Australia. Creating sculptural furniture and lifestyle objects in an aim to make the everyday environment more beautiful, Oure asserts sustainability, natural materials and simple silhouettes. Oure is bold yet simultaneously understated - with values stemming from the belief that good design should not beg for attention, but rather, exude effortless beauty with its presence.

Oure’s work is deeply grounded in human connection and is designed to be suitable for everyday life. Every Oure piece is crafted in Australia with care and immaculate attention to detail, using high quality materials to last a lifetime. 

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Oure was founded in Spring 2020. Both artists at heart, Jun, an architect turned designer and Ange, a lawyer turned designer, share the same vision of romanticising the everyday life and creating pieces that are as effortlessly beautiful as they are meaningful. With a shared passion towards design, art and nature, Jun and Ange hold closely core values of integrity, craftsmanship and sustainability to ensure all pieces are created thoughtfully and materials and production methods are chosen with care so as to be sustainable and have a low impact on the environment.

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